iShopShops, Inc.


We want all ShopShops Shoppers and ShopShops Sellers to be real and be kind. You are a part of the ShopShops community and must adhere to the following guidelines. If we find evidence that you were dishonest, or have mistreated another user, shopper, seller or ShopShops employee, you may be temporarily or permanently banned from ShopShops, at ShopShops sole discretion.


 Guidelines for Everyone.

Instigating harassment, for example by revealing someone’s personal or confidential information, is not allowed. Harassment or discrimination based on someone’s race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or disabilities is prohibited. Threats of harm, hate speech, bullying, inappropriate language, degrading or shaming of other users is not allowed. ShopShops has a zero-tolerance policy against harassment or discrimination. ShopShops reserves the right to permanently ban you without notice for any instance of harassment or discrimination.


Guidelines for ShopShops Shoppers.

  • Do not spam comments during a live.

  • Do not make comments discouraging another shopper’s purchase or buying habits.

  • Do not spam a seller with private messages requesting; price adjustments, bundling, waiving shipping fees, or any other special requests that the seller already disagreed to.

  • Threatening, harassing or abusing vendors, host sellers, of ShopShops employees is not tolerated and will be subject to a permanent ban on the platform.

  • Sellers have the right to mute or ban shoppers from their livestreams within reason.

  • Abuse of chargebacks is not tolerated. If issues arise with your purchase, please contact our CX team via the FAQ section in the ‘Profile’ page of the APP (profile icon in the lower right-hand corner of the APP when you sign on.) Chargebacks without merit or communication will result in suspension of your account.

  • Auction rules must be followed. Auctions won are final and no refunds will be provided. Please read the rules clearly before participating in auctions.

  • Creating multiple accounts is prohibited.

  • Refusal of delivery and refusal to pay duties and related customs fees will not result in a refund for the purchase, nor is it considered a return. Such actions will result in suspension of your account.

  • Purchases voluntarily sent back to the seller or to ShopShops without prior consent does not obligate the seller or ShopShops to provide a refund.


Guidelines for ShopShops Sellers.

  • Must abide by all local laws. No gambling. Giveaways must utilize ShopShops giveaway product feature to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • ShopShops is not a place to support terrorism, organized crime or hate groups.

  • Sale of the following items are not permitted; firearms, weapons, explosives, alcohol, tobacco, non-medical and pharmaceutical drugs, Pornographic or violent products, live animals, endangered species and other dangerous items are prohibited.

  • Do not accept or solicit off-platform payments / transactions: Payments for items sold must be processed through the ShopShops’ platform. Sellers should never accept or solicit payment – or any part of a transaction – outside of ShopShops’ system. No advertising of direct competitors or promoting to drive traffic from ShopShops to elsewhere. If you are found in violation of this rule, your account will be reviewed and it could be banned.

  • Fake items are strictly prohibited. Give accurate descriptions on condition of the product and present the product accurately and truthfully.

  • Please refrain from rescheduling your livestreams excessively.

  • Sellers are prohibited from bidding on their own auction items, with the intent of inflating the price or purchasing the item to influence the outcome of the auction. Such actions may be punishable by local and country laws.



We have a variety of ways of enforcing these guidelines, including, but not limited to:

  • Asking you to stop and providing a warning.

  • Blocking shoppers from commenting during the livestream.

  • Blocking shoppers from messaging sellers.

  • Blocking shoppers from making purchases.

  • Temporary or permanent suspension of accounts.


Last Updated: Feb 2023