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Rachel Saar, Bloomingdale’s Outlet vice president responsible for marketing and merchandising, shared livestream broadcasts have enabled it to reach shoppers that would never show up at a store. Plus, it delivers a highly engaged audience because the hosts already have trusting followers through their influencer platforms.

“We’ve been able to build a highly engaged community around Bloomingdale’s Outlet. Right now we have 150,000 followers in the ShopShops app. We haven’t been able to build an audience this fast on any other social platform,” she added.

Unlike TV shopping, where the hosts have plenty of stock in the warehouse, the ShopShops host may only have a single item on offer, adding that treasure hunt excitement of outlet shopping or sample sales.

“ShopShops hosts are authentically themselves and our app is intentionally unfiltered, which can perhaps even be perceived as hectic, but it’s real, genuine, and it truly connects people in real-time from all different time zones around the world,” said ShopShops founder and CEO Liyia Wu.

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三月 31, 2023 — Anlynn Lee
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